A client’s relationship with its communications firm is one of the most complex in the business environment and requires a substantial level of collaboration from both parties to make it effective and sustainable. Ensuring that clients and agencies maintain good working relationships is an important aspect of marketing success. Optimizing client agency relationships is a core component of marketing management consulting and includes a full range of analysis and management services.

Nobody Does it Better


When optimized and managed effectively, a well-organized, well-trained marketing team can mean greater productivity and less turnover. Kayyem Marketing specializes in best practices. Additionally, we engage in optimization across marketing organization structure and process, critically important disciplines for a successful and productive work environment.

Further, our specialty includes interim executives to fill the gaps while critical roles within the organization are vacant and/or recruitment is slow to produce qualified candidates. Our contribution is two-fold: (1) to provide a bridge in leadership to those working within marketing communications to ensure workflow remains steady and on-point and (2) to get a closer look at personnel within the department for first-hand analysis of the quality of their thinking and output.

We are your catalyst for ideas that inspire action, strategy that drives results, and outcomes that exceed expectation.


The digital age gives everyone a clearer view of a brand’s performance because of the ease and quantity of data capture. New and improved tools and a myriad of channels are also having a profound effect on how the consumer is receiving information. Perceptions are shifting from a consumer tangentially involved with the brand, to one who is more informed, more active in the delivery of brand promises.

The menu of tactical services we provide in collaboration with our resources includes:

  • Market Analysis and Competitive Set Discovery

  • Development Marketing Planning and Budgeting

  • Marketing Plan Development and Execution

  • Oversight and Strategy

  • Social Media Planning and Execution

  • Development and Launch of Integrated Branding

  • Creation of Advertising Campaigns

  • Media Planning and Buying

  • Retail Promotions

  • Forward-Thinking Digital Marketing

  • Grassroots Marketing Initiatives

  • Altruistic/Cause Marketing Programs

  • Community Relations

  • Web design/Content

  • Ground breakings and Grand Openings

  • In-store Communications Collateral Development

  • Small to Large Scale Special Events

  • Merchant Outreach and Communications

  • Internal/Employee Communications

  • Tourism Programs

  • Franchise Marketing/Branding Development & Marketing Training

  • Print & Direct Mail

  • Leasing Support

  • Development Reinforcement

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Public Art Curation